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A Proven Blueprint To Empower Women To Use Their Fertility Stories For A Bigger Purpose

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Join our community of fertility coaches TODAY... and kickstart your journey to a successful, purpose-filled career.


Meet Elizabeth King, a fellow fertility warrior and the founder of Fertility Coach Academy®...


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You know how isolating it feels to be on a fertility journey. You also know you want to give back to women who are walking the same path you've walked. We're here to show you how to take your experience & grow it into a purpose-filled career.

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What is

Fertility Coach Academy®?

We are not your average coaching program. We are a fully accredited, researched-based and business-driven program that will take your dream of using your story and give you the A-Z blueprint to create a fertility coaching business. From fertility basics to coaching strategies to business fundamentals - we cover it all in 8 easy-to-follow modules.

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Fertility Coach Academy®

Was Created For Two Reasons:

– Reason #1 –

I walked my own fertility journey and felt the deep sense of loneliness and overwhelm. I fully understand the pain of loss and the joy of welcoming a healthy child. And I knew there had to be a better way of supporting women and their partners to ensure that no one faced fertility challenges without an accredited coach (and cheerleader!) in their corner.

– Reason #2 –

So many of the clients I coached wanted to use their own stories like I was using mine. To join hands with women who were on their own fertility journey and provide them with tangible, life-changing tools to grow their family. All while making an income. As it turns out, your passion and your career CAN align, and Fertility Coach Academy® shows you exactly how to do that.

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Even If Right Now, You Can’t Say You 100% Believe In Yourself...

It’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... You're passionate about fertility but doubting how you could help others. The details involved with starting your own business seem overwhelming. The leap to invest in yourself feels scary.

That's why Fertility Coach Academy® leaves nothing to chance. There's no guessing what to do or how to do it. If you have the heart for fertility and the motivation to do more, then we will take care of the rest!

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Hear From Some of Our Amazing Fertility Coach Academy Alumni

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When 1 in 6 couples will face fertility issues and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage,

Fertility Coaching Isn't A Pipe Dream -
It's A Real Career That Supports Higher Pregnancy Rates, Better Quality Of Life & Improved Pregnancy Outcomes

Fertility Coach Academy® was created by one of the top fertility coaches in the industry. We're trusted by industry leaders and our accrediting body to bring you:

- Clearly defined objectives: The number one goal of Fertility Coach Academy® is to help you build a heart-centred business and become a confident fertility coach.

- Outstanding & up-to-date education: FCA is the culmination of nearly 30 years (and counting!) of fertility education and research, packed into 8 self-paced modules.

- Demonstrated student success & satisfaction: Graduates of the program have gone on to do beautiful things in the fertility community. This includes everything from launching their own fertility coaching businesses to integrating fertility coaching into their ongoing careers to educating doctors and organizations to better support the women they serve.

And There's More

When you join Fertility Coach Academy®, you have access to a community. It's the perfect space to meet other coaches in the program, ask questions, and cheer each other on.

Your story is so much bigger than you ever imagined.

You Have The Dream, And We Are Here With The Tools To Bring It To Life.



90-Day Business Checklist


Discover the essential roadmap to launch your business successfully and ensure a promising start. Uncover the precise steps that will guide you towards establishing a solid foundation for your venture, setting you on the path to prosperity and growth.


Coping with Loss

$497 VALUE

Understanding the grieving process is crucial to providing meaningful assistance to those in need. Our comprehensive toolkit goes beyond mere sympathy, providing you with the additional tools and techniques required to help your clients traverse the intricate landscape of grief.


Attracting Your Dream Client

$997 VALUE

Mastering the art of attracting the ideal clients can feel like a full-time endeavor in itself. However, with our exclusive bonus offering, we will propel your business towards success by not only getting it up and running but also ensuring that you attract the precise clientele you are eager to assist.


Fertility Coach Tool Kit


Launching a business can be overwhelming, but with the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline your operations, boost productivity, and amplify your chances of triumph. From cutting-edge software to time-tested programs, our carefully curated list covers every aspect of business setup and optimization.

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Fertility Coach Academy®

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Fertility Coach

Now’s Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity... TAKE IT.

Join me in Fertility Coach Academy®, and build your confidence on:

​✔ Fertility basics, including ovulation, cervical mucus, egg health, and more!
​✔ Supporting fertility through stress management, diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.
​✔ T​he science behind fertility and barriers to pregnancy, including labs to suggest, menstrual disorders, genetic issues, and reproductive technology.
​✔ ​Strategies for effectively coaching clients with proven techniques.
​✔ The fundamentals of starting your own business including how to create a business plan and where to find clients

PLUS, you'll receive access to done-for-you guides like:
​✔ A 30 day content calendar
​✔ ​Fertility Coach Business Toolkit
​✔ Ideal client workbook
​✔ Pre-call questionnaire template

​And more!

"This Coaching Program Made All The Difference. Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge And Skills With Me!"

Tess Kossow, FCA Graduate & Fertility Coach

Ready To Use Your Story To Change Lives?

Infertility is the worst club with the best members. You know, because you've been a part of it.

Now it's time to ditch your self-doubt and the fears that are holding you back, and wake up to a flexible, purpose-driven career that truly ignites your soul.

While everyone else is Googling how to make money doing what you love, you'll be building the life of your dreams while helping women achieve their own dream of starting a family.

Fertility Coach Academy® has your step-by-step guide to make all of this become a reality. Whether you're a seasoned business person or starting from scratch, this program provides the roadmap you need for a successful fertility coaching business. It all begins here.

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