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Fertility Coach Academy® is your step-by-step guide to creating your successful Certified Fertility Coaching business!


The American Association of Drugless Practitioners fully accredits FCA.


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Has the thought of coaching families through Infertility, pregnancy loss or new mom overwhelm sparked a passion inside of you that hasn’t been felt in a long time?



You may be ready to grow your Certified Fertility Coaching Business if:


✨ If you have been through an infertility journey yourself & learned how to overcome it (no matter the result)

Infertility has impacted someone close to you & this sparked your passion to help others in this emotional journey

✨ You already have a successful coaching business, but you want a more streamlined & specific approach to helping clients through their fertility struggles. YOUR confidence in your coaching is everything

✨ You are a Nurse, Personal Trainer, Doula or Life Coach who wants to specialize in fertility coaching

✨ You have no idea where to start when creating a business, but you are passionate about having a business you can run from anywhere!

Infertility is on the rise in the United States.


You are needed as a Certified Fertility Coach!

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!


I am a Certified Fertility Coach, Master Certified ICF Life Coach, Birth & Bereavement Doula and New Parent Educator. 

I also personally know how overwhelming the pregnancy and new motherhood process can be. I'm a proud #IVFwarrior, and it was quite the journey to becoming a mother over 40 to my three littles.

I've learned from my own fertility journey that there is a need for support going through the experience of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, navigating pregnancy loss, and becoming a mother. 

Through educating myself with some of the top fertility doctors in the country and connecting with other women on the same journey, I recognized that it takes time, trial and error, and a great support system to find “success”—whatever that may look like.

I spent years and thousands of dollars educating myself. During my journey, I learned what I truly needed to become a Certified Fertility Coach and make the biggest impact on others. Now, I am sharing what I have learned with you. 

The need for professional support is HUGE & my wish is to support you in your passion to become a successful Fertility Coach so you can help families who need it!

Ready to Create a

Successful Business while Fulfilling your Passion?



What Makes FCA Coaching Framework Unmatched?

We focus on my Creation Continuum's four fundamental areas of fertility. 



How the Fertility Coach Academy® Works:


I created FCA when multiple women approached me with the desire to grow a business from home that creates a positive impact and allows for a consistent income. 

This 8 Module program covers everything you need to know when coaching clients going through a fertility or pregnancy loss journey. It also teaches you the basics of business and how to attract your dream clients!

What's Included:

✔️ The Signature Fertility Coach Academy® Course - All 8 Modules + Coping with Loss Module (COMING SOON) 

✔️ 3 Months of Access to a Private Community while you are creating your Fertility Coaching Business

✔️ Complete Worksheets: weekly homework to keep you accountable through the program 

✔️ Templates/Scripts: everything you need to be a successful coach - no matter how new you are to the online coaching industry!


The Curriculum Overview:

I focus on a full body approach - mental, physical & emotional health - with my clients. It's important to recognize that a one-size-fits-all plan does NOT work when it comes to an individual's health & fertility journey.

With this in mind, I give you a broad range of tools, backed by knowledge & science, to approach each client's journey as their own.


Learn The Basics of Fertility 

You can’t be an awesome coach without having the knowledge beforehand. Learn everything you need to know about the basics of fertility.

Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:


✔️ Feel confident and qualified about fertility regardless if you've had your own struggles or not 

✔️ Covering topics like ovulation, cervical mucus, egg health and so much more 




Fertility Foundation

Now that we know the basics, it's time to dig deeper into the world of fertility! 

Together, we'll look at:


✔️ Stress and Fertility

✔️ Fertility & Deit 

✔️ Foundational Supplements & so much more!

"Participating in this course was so helpful and I'm really glad I chose the Fertility Coach Academy as my certification program. Thank you for all your help!" 

- Laura W.


Biology & Belief

We'll dive into how biology plays a role in fertility through understanding testing as well as the aspect of our environment.

Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:


✔️ What are the basic red flags

✔️ Labs to suggest

✔️ Coaches are not diagnosing, we guide them where to go




PMS, Menopause, Female Infertility & much more!

Physical Health is important & we go over everything needed to prep your client for pregnancy.

Together, we'll look at:


✔️ Menstrual Disorders

✔️ Foundations of female infertility 

✔️ Structural Infertility Issues & more!

"Working through the Fertility Coach Academy by Elizabeth King was an amazing experience. It contained a lot of educational information even with my experience as a Registered Nurse. I defintely recommend the Fertility Coach Academy and look forward to working as a Fertility Coach!"

-Danielle C.


Genetic Issues, Methylation, and MTHFR

We break down the standard basic tests to run during Genetic screenings, what they mean & common gene mutations.

Within digestible, potent video lessons you’ll:


✔️  Learn about common gene mutations 

✔️  How to comfort your client when reading their results

✔️ Discover what the MTHFR  enzyme is and what role it plays 




Artificial Reproductive Technology

Learn about the different reproductive technologies - IUI vs IVF, egg freezing, embryo adoption.

Together, we'll look at:


✔️ What is ART

✔️ How to help your client make decisions on what's next

✔️ Help them determine if a second/third opinion is needed

"As someone who has a degree and wanted to start a business in a different direction, the certification is a huge benefit and something that I really looked forward to receiving.  I thought that was extremely helpful to have a certification behind a practice such as coaching." 

- Tess K.


Learn How To Become A Confident Coach

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of coaching so you can show up for your client in a way that allows transformational deep change.

Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:


✔️ Get done for you PDF’s that you can give to your clients

✔️ Proven techniques that help your client have breakthroughs of their own

✔️ The top 3 questions you can use to effectively coach 

& so much more!




Business Fundamentals / Sales

In this module, you will learn how to bring your coaching business online and start making money, and impact in other people's lives.

Together, we'll look at:


✔️ How to create a business plan

✔️ The difference between posting content and posting content to sell

✔️ Where your clients are hiding, the importance of DMs

& so much more!


✅ BONUS #1

90-Day Business Checklist


The exact steps you need to get your business started on the right foot.



✅ BONUS #2

Coping with Loss

$497 VALUE

Providing you with the additional tools needed to help your clients go through the grieving stages.



✅ BONUS #3

Attracting Your Dream Client

$997 VALUE

Learning to attract the RIGHT client can be a job on its own! With this bonus, we are going to get your business up & running with the types of clients you want to help!




✅ BONUS #4

Fertility Coach Tool Kit


A complete list of tools and programs to get you set up for success right from the start! 



Don't just take our word for it...


Many coaches or programs focus on a specific area of change for their clients such as nutrition, supplements, mental health or physical changes. My approach as a Fertility Coach and as YOUR Business Coach is to teach in all aspects of the body.

One client may need a protocol for physical changes based on their bloodwork, while another strictly requires emotional support.

As your Business Coach, I will teach you how to identify what your clients need and how to BEST help them in their (very) unique journey.

You will graduate FCA with the confidence to support any type of client in their fertility journey.   



At the end of this program, you will go through a series of tests to become a Certified Fertility Coach!

The American Association of Drugless Practitioners recognizes the value of FCA and has fully accredited the program.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Clearly defined objectives: The number one goal of Fertility Coach Academy® is to help you build a heart-centered business and become a confident fertility coach.
  • Outstanding & up-to-date education: FCA is the culmination of nearly 30 years (and counting!) of fertility education and research, packed into 8 self-paced modules.
  • Demonstrated student success & satisfaction: Graduates of the program have gone on to do beautiful things in the fertility community. This includes everything from launching their own fertility coaching businesses to integrating fertility coaching into their ongoing careers to educating doctors and organizations to support better the women they serve.


Get Started Now:

✔️ The Signature Fertility Coach Academy Course 

✔️ 3 Months of Monthly LIVE Calls with Elizabeth

✔️ 3 Months of Access to a Private Community 

✔️ Lots Worksheets, Templates, Scripts + Done for You Content! 


✔️ 3 Additional 1:1 calls with Elizabeth for continued support during the program!


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