Fertility Coach: Treating Emotions

Updated: Jul 12

Fertility treatments are medical processes that often ignore the "woman behind the scenes." But shouldn't the woman come first?

A fertility coach picks up where a physician leaves off. Fertility treatments do not limit themselves to the happiness and excitement of starting a family. More often, the positive feelings fade and stress, overwhelm, anger, guilt, loneliness, lack of control, and jealousy take over.

Emotions, and how they are treated, plays an impact on the body. Visualisation of the future, plays an impact on how the journey is approached. Managing the "feelings" side of the fertility process produces both positive psychological and physiological effects on the body.

Treating Emotions

Going through fertility treatments is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Fertility coaches help navigate the pathway and give women back their control and reach a better emotional balance.

A fertility coach may help

  • Women identify their own resources and methods of support

  • Manage emotions in a practical and proactive way

  • Take care of personal relationships, especially their partner

  • Offer 24/7 support and methods to counter abandonment

  • Identify other parts of their life that make them happy during their journey

  • Communicate better with family and friends

  • Implement self-care routines and make herself a priority

What matters most, is the woman behind the fertility treatments.

You = Fertility Coach?

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