YOU = Fertility Coach?

Updated: Jul 12

Fertility treatments come with a lot of emotional and physical trauma, not to mention the cost and endless questions.

I've spent years helping women become advocates for their health while undergoing fertility treatments. But more than that, I found they needed an advocate for their personal lives as well.

Think about it: Families take out loans and undergo debt for the chance at becoming pregnant. They may have a support system, or they may find they have to defend themselves against friends and family who do not understand what they are going through.

A fertility coach helps women throughout this journey and gives them the ability to experience the joy in life while they are going through their fertility process. While physicians are there for the medical diagnosis, fertility coaches are there for everything else ...

What is special about becoming a Fertility Coach?

A fertility coach is a hero who helps their clients be in charge of their fertility journey, control the controllable, educate themselves, and emerge a victor, not a victim.

What once was frightening, becomes do-able and even exciting. Fertility coaches can assist their clients to build an action plan and learn how to treat their emotions.

With a guide on their fertility journey, women can learn how to handle the stress and get in touch with their intuition when it comes to decision-making. They learn that its OKAY to experience negative emotions when hearing that another person in their life is pregnant and how to treat these emotions.

Above all, a fertility coach sets their clients in a forward momentum instead of letting these feelings hold them back. It's about inspiring happiness, confidence, and changing their state of mind when they are heading down a not-so-great path.

A fertility coach looks at the whole person, not just the diagnosis. They can assist with diet, stress management, and perception.

If this sounds like your jam, keep reading to learn how to become a Certified Fertility Coach.

You = Fertility Coach?

If you're reading this article, it means something about this headline has caught your attention. So why not join us? If you’re curious about becoming a Certified Fertility Coach, even a little bit, come learn more with us. I am hosting prospective student calls throughout July. Our next one is happening soon. Don't miss your chance to register.

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All are welcome, no matter where you are in your professional journey. The calls are for:

  • Newbies who want to do something that matters and earn income while doing it.

  • Life coaches who want to help their clients navigate something as niche and complex as their fertility solutions.

  • People who have changed their lives and want to help others do the same by sharing their own fertility journey.

  • Nurses who meet women and couples every day who need a little extra help.

  • Doulas and wellness practitioners who want to be certified by a trust and instructor-proven program.

  • Entrepreneurs who have dreamt of working for themselves.

  • YOU, no matter what stage of life you're in.

So what are you waiting for? The only thing you have to fear is missing your chance to learn more.

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