Your spirit baby is waiting to meet you…

It’s time to build your connection and finally find peace in your fertility journey.


When you’re on a fertility journey, you’re desperately looking for a sign that you’re on the right track…


That your dreams of becoming a mother will come true.

That your story will end (and begin again!) with a healthy baby.

But often it feels like you’re walking in the dark - fumbling around and anxiously trying every possible “trick” in the book.

Trust me, I get it…

In the thick of my fertility journey, I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel with no end in sight.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

👉🏼 You feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to work.

👉🏼 It seems like the longer it takes to meet your baby, the more stressed and overwhelmed you become.

👉🏼 You’re uncertain about the future and hate feeling so out of control.

There’s got to be a better way, right?

I’m Elizabeth King, ICF certified life coach and one of the top fertility coaches in the world.


I’m Elizabeth King, ICF certified life coach and one of the top fertility coaches in the world. I’m not just here to help you get pregnant. I’m here to help you support all aspects of your wellbeing and bring ease into your fertility journey.


Long before I was ready to become a mother, I felt deeply connected to the Divine and the unseen guides that surround us.


And at the most unexpected place and time, I felt the energy of a soul that I recognized would be coming to join me at some point - my spirit baby.


This connection held me up as I navigated the winding road and losses that led me to my three children.


Now, I have empowered 1000s of women from around the globe to achieve healthy pregnancies and welcome their miracle babies - without the run-of-the-mill guidance that leaves you overwhelmed and burned out.


It’s my mission to transform your journey to motherhood and help you align with your spirit baby - a practice that most fertility experts miss.

“I will be forever grateful for Elizabeth’s emotional, mental, and spiritual support in helping me overcome my feelings of inadequacy. Failure was such a huge reoccurring theme in my life, and through her compassion, practical exercises, an expert insight and advice, I am now living the life I know I deserve."

- Anonymous, Anaheim Hills, CA

Welcome to The Spirit Baby Connection

Where you’ll approach your fertility through a spiritual lens, find trust and peace in your body, build confidence in the process, and align with your spirit baby to invite them in.


Like any relationship, the one with your spirit baby is not one-sided. 


Learning to communicate with your spirit baby opens the doors to a beautiful partnership and empowers you to trust in your body and the Divine timing of your baby’s arrival. 

It will turn your fertility journey upside down in the best way.


Here’s what’s inside this, self-paced, lifetime access course:

Module 1: What is a Spirit Baby?

You’ll get an inside look at what a spirit baby is, where they are, and the benefits of communicating with your spirit baby. Whether spirit babies are brand new to you or you’ve done a bit of research before, this module will lay the foundation for your spirit baby journey.

Module 2: Does everyone have a Spirit Baby?

Dive into one of the most common questions about spirit babies and how to determine if you have a spirit baby waiting to meet you.

Module 3: Inviting your Spirit Baby into your space

Now that the foundation has been laid, this module will give you practical tools and strategies for connecting to your spirit baby - a healing and transformative practice that will change the trajectory of your fertility journey.

Module 4: Narrating life to your Spirit Baby

Once you’ve connected with your spirit baby, it’s important to strengthen that connection. I’ll show you how to seamlessly integrate this practice into your daily life.

Module 5: Asking for signs from your Spirit Baby

In order to communicate with your spirit baby, you don’t need any special gifts. This module highlights practical ways to connect and receive signs from your spirit baby - reassuring you in your fertility journey and instilling peace in the process.


"Working with Elizabeth helped me gain the clarity and answers I had been seeking for years. Her step by step approach was not only practical and meaningful, but spiritual as well. Her guidance, suggestions, and “homework” allowed me to focus on my issues with insight, purpose and hope. What was once frightening and overwhelming quickly became manageable, do-able, and even exciting..”

- Robin, Montreal, CA

Close your eyes and imagine with me…


You are empowered to connect with your spirit baby and know that they are near.


You feel calm and at peace in your body, trusting in the perfect timing of your baby’s arrival.


You are connected with your spirit baby and have the tools to prepare the way for them to join your family.



The Spirit Baby Connection is for you if…

✅ You’re on a fertility journey (no matter how long!) and it feels like you know the basics of what to do, but there’s still a missing link.

✅ You’re open to a spiritual perspective and believe in the power of the Divine.

✅ Your infertility is “unexplained” but you’re not willing to give up.

✅ You’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit scrolling for advice that never ends up moving the needle.

✅ You’re ready to ditch the anxious and hopeless thoughts, and finally feel a deep sense of trust in how your story will unfold.


When you enroll during this special, limited-time period you’ll get…

Lifetime access to 5 video modules

showing you everything you need to understand, build a connection with, and invite your spirit baby into the world. (Value: $2500)

Comprehensive guides

to support your spirit baby journey and ensure you receive the deep benefits of this connection. (Value: $500)

A Spirit Baby meditation

designed to lead you into communication with your spirit baby, regardless of your prior experience with prayer and meditation. (Value $97)

Total Value: $3,097 USD

Your Investment: $97 USD 


One Time Payment: $3097 USD

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